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HomeGuard Activity Monitor

HomeGuard Activity Monitor 5.5.1

Powerful computer monitoring program

HomeGuard Activity Monitor is a powerful computer monitoring program that can be configured to protect children of all ages.Letting a child use an an internet-connected computer can be nerve wracking. There are certain parts of the internet that...
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  • by Anonymous

    very good parental control tool.. The exe file download blocking is great because even though I set time restrictions for the kids's favorite games, and they get blocked at the times I choose, they keep downloading new games to play while restrictions are on..blocked exe downloading and that problem is gone.

  • Fdo Vela

    by Fdo Vela

    safe and efective. By far the best efective filter for web that I used. Does not bother to much. Mostly all unapropiate webs just do not show, Pros: it works where others do not